Easysail air cooler fan

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Selling Point:

  1. 3 wind modes:Natural/Normal/Sleeping, and 3 wind speeds:HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW.
  2. Timer: 7.5 hours
  3. Automatic horizontal swing and manual up or down.
  4. Humidification and ION function, evaporative cooling and air washing, can better purify the air environment.
  5. When sleeping mode is on, all indicators will be off in 30 seconds, press any key, the indicators will be on.
  6. With battery overcharge and overdischarge protection function.
  7. Solar photovoltaic power generation function.

Product configuration:

  1. Wind turbine:Φ135x240
  2. Motor: DC 12V, 3 speeds setting.
  3. Clip power cord, exposed length is 1.2 meters.
  4. With wheels and installation wrench, both sides with handle, easy to move.
  5. Replacement honeycomb paper filter.
  6. LED lamp display mode, with button switch and remote control.
  7. With ION function and power off memory function.
  8. 12L removable water tank, with water pump protection system.
  9. With water level visual window.
  10. 24V 60W solar panel, 18Ah lead-acid battery; external battery.
  11. 100-240V broadband voltage charger, can be used while charging.
  12. 24V 60W solar panel.
  13. 13.Product size:450*300*925mm

Rated voltage(V)

DC 12V

Battery usage time(H)

6H(high grade)

Max power(W)


Rated current(A)


Swing angle of Left and right


Swing angle of up and down


temperature rise(K)


Noise level(dB(A))


Air volume(m3/H)

750 m3/H

Maximum wind speed(M/S)


Power of each speed(W)

6W(1st speed)

12W (2nd speed)

32W (3rd speed)

Load speed of each speed(r/min)

600±100(1st speed)

800±100(2nd speed)

1100±100(3rd speed)